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Eastern Washington ATV Association


The Eastern Washington ATV Association is an organization consisting of people from all walks of life and residing through out the Inland Northwest. While appreciating our forest lands, we promote the fun and enjoyment that the ATV has to offer. Our club rides the Inland Northwest trails responsibly and respectfully within the boundaries. The Inland Northwest area of Eastern Washington and North Idaho has many trails and roads available to enjoy. We schedule rides throughout the year for different levels of experience. We offer sport rides, family rides, GPS training rides, campouts and a good time. We thank you for your interest in our club.

Increasing our ATV club membership will enable us to actively support your rights to the use of public lands by working with local, state, and federal land managers to keep trails and roads available for recreational use. We look forward to seeing you at a club meeting or gathering.

Mission Statement: “To stimulate and advance the general welfare and safety of ATV recreation; to promote the safe and responsible use of ATV’s; to serve the interests of ATV enthusiasts; to foster a positive public image for ATV recreation; to stimulate and develop a fraternal spirit among ATV enthusiasts; to exchange information among members; and to perform all desirable and lawful functions for the successful operation
of the club.”




Please remember to visit the Ride Schedule (aka: Calendar) for all upcoming events information including posted meetings!